In the horrifying, bloody conclusion to Season 3, I come face to face with my Mortal Enemy in a final, brutal showdown.

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The definition of hell is anything you can not escape, and I continue the search for my cat.

This is a slightly more grotesque episode than normal for The Lost Cat, so I thought I should warn everyone. Don't worry. It is not that bad.

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Absolutely nothing special happens. Nope. Nothing to see here.



NB. My huge thanks to EJ Lee and Chay Collins. You can find their music here: And their podcast here:

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A short story about a circus, a princess, and the very strange dancer who was the star of the show.

This is not a 'real' episode of The Lost Cat Podcast, but instead a reading of one of my short stories. Life got in the way, I am afraid, and I did not quite finish the next episode in time.

I hope you enjoy this very special episode, and I hope to be back on the normal schedule for the next one.

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Me and a friend attend a funeral while hungover, and then we steal the coffin.

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No-one deserves to get eaten by dinosaurs.

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I encounter dark magic when I investigate a hipster cult that is using cats in their rituals

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A close friend is caught in the middle of a very strange explosion.

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My search leads me to Old Mary The Butcher, who uses every part. Episode contains a lot of rats.


The Lost Cat is copyright 2017

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My housemates and I attempt to leave the house. The results are mixed


The Lost Cat is copyright 2017

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