This special episode is not about cats, but about an island, a little girl, an old lady, and the dark things that happen when one of the villagers goes missing...


I hope very much you enjoy this story, and I hope to be back with some more Lost Cat soon enough. Let us see!

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Perhaps, over the course of this podcast, you have wondered from time to time, just exactly what my cat has been doing while it has been lost. Well: here is the answer.

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A short story about a circus, a princess, and the very strange dancer who was the star of the show.

This is not a 'real' episode of The Lost Cat Podcast, but instead a reading of one of my short stories. Life got in the way, I am afraid, and I did not quite finish the next episode in time.

I hope you enjoy this very special episode, and I hope to be back on the normal schedule for the next one.

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